17th-22nd August 2019

from meditation to ecstasy!

Welcome to the Tantra Festival in Holland 2019

Our 2019 Festival has launched! You can see the current list of presenters and what’s on offer at this festival by browsing this website. Once you’re ready to jump you can purchase your tickets here. We look forward to meeting you as part of the growing tribe!

UPDATE: We are now fully booked for onsite accommodation at this festival – you can still join with a day entry ticket that gives you access to all of the events and meals but requires you to find your own accommodation offsite. We have a list on the venue page for this. Alternatively you can join the training afterwards where we still have onsite accommodation available.

Days of Celebration


International Attendees

Or More Hugs

Imagine a group of wonderful people in a place surrounded by beautiful nature, tasty organic food and some of the best international & national facilitators who would be there to support you to join a 6 day experience in creating more intimacy in yourself, with life and in your relationships. Having a more vibrant and exciting life away from the normal constraints of our lives and minds. Meaningful and truthful, loving and blissful.

An English speaking Festival with a workshop quality, going on a deep journey together, and celebrate! Imagine being held in this field of experiences in the festival, supporting each other and getting tools to take it back into your lives so the changes remain.

Am I Welcome?

Yes! We embrace all relationship styles, orientations and ages over 18. Whether you are single —wanting to interact and explore with others— or a couple wishing to deepen your intimacy, the festival is the perfect environment to dive in!

Who is holding it?

The festival is held by James & Puja along with a team of International Workshop Leaders, Session Givers, Emotional Support Crew, DJs and Performers, Volunteers and Retreat Centre Workers.

Where is it?

The Festival is held at Meeuwenveen – a beautiful retreat centre set in the countryside of Holland with incredible forests on the doorstep, quality workshop spaces, sauna and healthy vegetarian food.

This year’s theme is “From Meditation to Ecstasy”

If you are busy looking outside for fulfillment in any sphere of life then you will remain on the surface. There may be temporary successes, but ultimately they don’t satisfy and we go looking for the next high that will make us happy. Until that day we stop and step back from the game. When that happens, and we begin filling ourselves up from the inside, then that is called meditation. From inner connection, true ecstasy can flower – not because we got what we were looking for outside, but because we realized we are already that inside.

Ready for various Tantra workshops, Ecstatic dance, Biodanza, singing circles, party, bonfires, Love Temple, performances, Cacao Ceremony, cuddles, a bunch of amazing, conscious loving people, depth and joy, … ?

Are you ready?

Sometimes people just jump and discover something amazing waiting for their lives.

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