David Taurel

David is a tantra facilitator and practitioner, shamanic yoga teacher, wanderlust burner and French doctor – in his free time. He is passionate about exploring connection through embodied experience. For three years he has been traveling the world, leading workshops in conscious festivals and using community-building tools such as forum theater, family constellations, circling and gestalt therapy. He is involved in The ManKind Project since 2004, where he co-leads rites of passage to initiate men to the sacred masculine and empower them to live a life of integrity, authenticity and service. He also initiated and created a men’s retreat that focuses on integrating the wild and the sacred, called Corps Sacré, Corps Sauvage.

David is officially accredited Orgasmic Meditation (OM) coach. Orgasmic Meditation is a mindfulness and wellness practice focused on the clitoris that is a game changer in deepening intimacy, slowing down and increasing the quality of attention we can share. David offers couples coaching, workshops and sessions through OM. David brings his gifts of authenticity, humor, depth, and lightness to welcome all emotions and play for each other’s growth. What he loves most is holding space for vulnerability, and empowering you to align with what you truly desire.

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