Guy Barrington

Guy is an Englishman, a Father to his 9 year old son Juan, a Dancer, a lover of Life. He enjoys who he is and what he does. His “Work” is a natural extension of what he has realized and is good medicine for himself and Human Beings. It is offered in a good spirit to awaken, encourage, empower, enrich, inspire and enliven our Existence.

He is his own best subject of study and gladly shares the fruits of his explorations. Along the “Way” of Life’s Path he has encountered, and continues to meet, Shamanism, Tantra, Existential Creativity, The Sacred Path of Relationship, among other things…

He is a qualified “Biodanza” facilitator, a “Colibri Heart Tribal Trance Dance” guyde, Creator of ‘Bliss Conscious Clubbing’ in 8 countries, co- developer of ‘Shake London’ & ‘Conscious Business Initiatives’, Co-Director and Founder of “Gardener’s of Eden, a Co Creators Mastery Course for Life on Earth”. He is a ‘Guydance Life Coach’ & ‘Creativity Consultant’

He has travelled extensively and works internationally bringing his Gifts from Life out into the open, inviting and encouraging others to Be the naturalness they are, to enjoy their Lives more abundantly.

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