Kaya Jiwan

In a culture that shames sexuality and fails to teach us how to honor and celebrate intimacy, sex & sexual energy, Kaya Jiwan creates a safe space for intense Sexual Transformation and Orgasmic Awakening.

Kaya is trained by the best teachers in the world, but her secret is that she develops her own sequences, practices and techniques. Her own body has been her playground for many years, she studied many bodies and trained all her lovers.

Due to her years of training and a nearly dead experience, twelve years ago, she has profound knowledge of all areas that involve the Nine Bodies, Sex Wisdom, Transformation and Consciousness.

The magic of Kaya is that she sees the potential in all people. She invites them through her practices to step into their full potential and wake up to an Orgasmic Life.

Kaya Jiwan is based in the Netherlands and Ibiza but travels around the world to develop new Sexual Transformation Techniques and to explore improved ways of profound embodied learning.

She is the founder of CLUB O, an Online Orgasmic Community for people who desire to live a life full of sexual bliss and abundance, the owner of the School for Sexual Transformation in Ibiza and the leading voice of the Orgasmic Revolution.

www.kayajiwan.com & www.schoolforsexualtransformation.com

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