Riya Sokol

My biggest gift is my voice, that I dared to start a journey with and it is my regarding point to all kind of work I am being called to do for myself and for the people around the globe. My voice was diagnosed as a coloratura soprano and I use it in many commercial, non-commercial and spiritual projects, and thanks to which since October 2011, I became THE Seth Riggs student (the legend, the teacher, the creator of the Speech Level Singing technique), joining the group of his students, who are e.g. Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, or Michael Jackson, whom Seth taught for 32 years.

My musical creation– whether it’s my songs or mantras- is just an excuse to take on a deep self- journey the person who listens. On the outside it is music, lyrics. But under the surface I gently offer a deeper energetic transmission that softly and tenderly touches the Listener straight to the core of the heart.

For last few years I’ve been discovering spiritual path, through Tantra and other unconventional methods of exploring inner world- where I also use my soprano. I travel around the world to offer to people: a “voice- bath” that can take to deep relaxing states of mind, tantric practices– that improve people’s lives and relationships, and evening concerts with my own music or mantras and kirtans. 

I am a trained guide of Vision Quest– which is a 10 day process based on age old tradition rite of passage- taking people to the land to reconnect with the nature and themselves.

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