Sprout’s passion is to shift the very vibration of humanity into alignment with the UNIVERSE. Bringing forth understanding of NON-DUALISTIC philosophy and a COSMOLOGICAL approach to human nature brings clear understanding of the simple fact that we are here for nothing more than expansion.

Evolution is an expansion of CONSCIOUSNESS and the current wave of that experience is about getting back into our BODY and the innate wisdom contained within. Where we connect with our PASSION, POWER, PURPOSE, PRESENCE AND PLEASURE.

His purpose is to serve LOVE, his personal growth and greatest spiritual teachings started with plant medicine at a young age, following many paths, mainly listening to his HEART as a guide.

Studied the SACRED ART of SHIBARI japanese rope bondage around the world through various senseis. Trained in SHADOW WORK, studied in SHAMANISM, trained in various facets of TANTRA/NEO-TANTRA, TAOISM, currently in school for SOMATIC SEXOLOGICAL BODYWORK (specifically to study TRAUMA & NERVOUS SYSTEM response.)  THAI MASSAGE, and an ISTA apprentice

Educated as an Engineer and qualified as an Electrician, having worked around the world, Sprout has also co-created an eco-village, started a non-profit, worked in solar power, studied sustainable architecture design with Michael Reynolds and he has aspirations to continue working with SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.

Ultimately whichever angle you cut it, his passion and purpose are to serve love.

Find more about his passions at: Instagram: artofsurrender_shibarihealing



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