Land Van Lisa

A Beautiful Place in Nature

Our Venue

The venue for the Awaken as Love Training is held at a Land Van Lisa in Rekken, Holland.

Land of Lisa is a place where everyone can be themselves and where each person can express his personal qualities. A place where life is central in all its aspects. Dealing consciously with nature, the environment and with each other are important aspects for a nice society. In all activities organized by Land van Lisa, the theme of ‘conscious living’ clearly emerges. With each other – For each other

Land van Lisa is becoming as self-sufficient as possible in a period of several years. This means that the provision of heat, water and electricity is taken care of by the use of solar panels, a rainwater installation and an advanced wood-burning stove. There is also a vegetable garden laid out to provide ourselves and guests with fresh fruit and vegetables.

The accommodation ticket choices are of comfortable beds in the houses with a light with bright décor and exude a clean, subtle energy. Or getting closer to nature by camping in grounds. Both options are serviced by modern bathrooms with hot showers.

There is also a Hot Tub and Individual Session rooms within as well as free WiFi throughout.

Nature’s gift adds extra value to the quality of your festival. Her natural beauty soothes and heals. Land Van Lisa is the location for new experiences, contemplation … and relaxation. The area continually alternates between heathland, woods, mysterious fens and rugged, solitary trees.