What you need

Preparing for the Festival

Preparing for the festival

What you need to bring

  1. Your tickets – either print out your ticket or bring a copy on your phone to be scanned at reception.
  2. Cash for Snacks or Shopping – this festival is catered for 3 meals a day with organic vegetarian food. We have a beautiful cafe area with tea and coffee as well as stalls with extra snacks and tantric goodies you won’t want to miss!
  3. Loose comfortable clothing – we will be dancing a lot and it’s good you have loose clothes and plenty of t-shirts if you tend to sweat a lot.
  4. Your own Bedding – If you cannot bring your own bedding we can also provide this service. A sheet set costs € 7,- and towels € 3,-. It is not necessary to reserve in advance as there is always a fresh pile ready.If you bring your bedding, keep in mind that the beds (box spring) are 90 × 210 cm. so, extra long. What you will need are an under sheet, a pillowcase and a duvet cover. You can also take your sleeping bag. On every bed an extra blanket is provided.
  5. Items of comfort – a yoga mat, cushion or pillow to sit on and a towel or sarong for massage structures as well as coconut oil.
  6. Please do not bring drugs or alcohol to the festival – we are creating an environment where we can dive deeply into our senses in a really delicious way – dulling them with intoxicants will not be needed and will inhibit your experience. This will actually raise much more for you. We go for natural highs and orgasmic states of being. Just by letting life touch us deeply and intimately.
  7. Your happy and excited heart! Your curiousity to discover so much just the way you are!

Survival Guide

One of our facilitators Shashi Solluna created this Tantra Festival guide – although not specific for this festival it gives some good ideas of what to expect – Download Here

How to get there.

By Car
The easiest way is by car. For your navigation system you can use the address: Meeuwenveenweg 1, 7971 PK Havelte, or alternatively download directions via Google Maps.

It’s easy to find other’s to share rides with to and from the festival using this online service:

From the airport:
Schiphol route: train to Meppel is only 1,5 hrs with one switch in Zwolle.
And Eelde Groningen is closest airport with just 75 mins by bus to Meppel.

By Train:
The train connection is good and a regional taxi service can take you directly to Meeuwenveen from Meppel train station. When you know the time of your arrival, ask your organization to book a taxi for you. The taxi service can only be reached by a Dutch phone. The distance to Meeuwenveen is approximately 10 kilometres and it costs about € 8,-. That’s the good part of it.

Between Meppel and Assen rides the bus line 20 (Qbuzz.) Get off at the stop ‘Havelterbrug’ then walk another 1.5 km. It’s a beautiful road, but don’t attempt it with a wheeled suitcase.

Tantra Festival

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